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Infinite Vitality

Transform From Within 


Neo Shamanic Healing Arts
Iridology and Sclerology
Quantum Flow 
Wholefood Farmacist


Welcome to the home of Infinite Vitality 

If you were guided to this page I trust you are looking for things in your life to be different.

Perhaps you are looking to a create different reality for yourself and your loved ones, may it be 







Know that you are in the right place.

My name is Pavla

And I’m here to guide you on your healing transformational journey.


Often in life we carry so much of the “OLD” within our energy field. 

May it be undesired experiences from our past, childhood trauma or general trauma from our lives, limiting beliefs and patterns being created based upon these experiences as well as often carrying the pain of our ancestors or our culture.

Whatever it is for YOU we get to dig deep and discover what is ready to be cleared, released and healed.

In our work we also invite higher guidance to assist in your healing.

We can address any health issue, related health style stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, anything that is keeping you away from the ultimate vision of who you are.


All it takes from your side is commitment.

Commitment to doing the work.

Standing strong and tall facing the past in order to create the perfect, colourful, loving, thriving life that you desire and so deserve.

 I’m here to support you every step of the way.


I am a believer that life is to be lived in absolute Joy, perfect Health, Happiness and Harmony.

I am a believer that we are here on this beautiful planet to Thrive and create Infinity of Abundance for ourselves, our families and every other living being.

I am a Messenger of love and light who is here to help you to heal, to find the way back to your heart, to help you to remember who you truly are.

Meet Pavla
The Wholeness Approach

The Wholeness Approach 

What do we work on 

Back to Basics

Embracing the gifts of Mother Nature, Herbs, Wholefoods, Healthy Lifestyle choices, working with the wisdom of our ancestors and secrets of our grandmothers. Bringing your body back to health and vitality. 

Energetic Healing 

We are all energy.

Energy is all around us. It is essential to balance our field, remove the old in order to create space for the new.

Often our energetic centres become blocked and we find ourselves living in a state of contraction. We create fresh vital energy to bring relief not only to your energetic body but also assist healing of your physical and emotional bodies. 

Iridology and Sclerology

Our eyes are not only windows to our soul but also to all of our bodily systems. With a snapshot of your eyes we identify any imbalances and with specific protocols we allow healing to take place.


Our little humans respond incredibly well to energy healing. It can become overwhelming in our current reality of restrictions and stress in the collective and family settings, with growing up in general.

Children can be worked on remotely or in person. The results are always very positive. 

Our Mind

Many of us carry old limiting beliefs that are stopping us from thriving in life. It's time to reset the programming and start fresh, creating positive thought patterns allowing you to create the reality you truly deserve. 

Energetic Clearing

Fake food, medication, toxicity from the environment (just to name a few) can create blockages in our field. These can be removed and replaced with high vibrations to allow thriving body mind and spirit.


"Working with Pavla has been an expansive process. I am able to function from a more grounded space enhancing how I operate in my businesses.

Creativity is flowing  enhancing productivity and an improved feeling of wellbeing runs through my days. Pavla's expertise at getting to and releasing root  blocks is both gentle and powerful. All this supported by some excellent nutritional advice has put my body back to healthy functioning and I'm feeling energised and amazing."     

Maxine- UK



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